Microsoft Azure Governance from CTGlobal

CTGlobal’s experts lift your Azure environment to a governed state within days, based on our best practices and automated implementation. With best practice Azure Governance, you can enforce or audit external laws and regulations, as well as internal policies, and get in control of your environment.

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Andreas Sobczyk, Microsoft MVP in Azure and CTGlobal Senior Consultant runs through what you should be aware of, when you move to the cloud. Andreas explains how to stay in control of your cloud journey, keeping your environment secure during and after.

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At CTGlobal, we have seen our share of cloud migration journeys, and we like to consider ourselves first-class when it comes to Azure. Now, you can download our e-book and learn how you stay in control of your cloud journey.

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Download the e-book: “How to choose the right storage solution for your business”

There are no off-the-shelf hybrid data center products out there, so you need to build the solution that suits your organization. The collective expertise and experience of the CTGlobal team in setting up data centers in all kinds of organizations, makes up a set of best practice guidelines that can help you along the way.

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Why do you need it? 

It is crucial to define a governance strategy from the start of your cloud journey, because without the correct governance model, Azure can be hard to manage. 

Many organizations start their Azure journey by allocating resources to deliver new services, but fail to consider how to secure and manage their new Azure data center.  In order to stay in control and stay compliant, it is critical to define a governance model for Azure from the onset.

What do you get?

We guide you every step of the way

Our consultants are experts in Microsoft Azure, and have extensive experience designing and implementing Azure foundation and Azure Governance elements. 

We help you define, assess and document your journey and deliver the fast and agile platform your organization requires and expects. 

We get you off to a good start, ensuring a cost-effective, secure and efficient implementation. With our help, you become able to manage, monitor and audit the use of your Azure resources, and meet the goals and requirements of your organization, while staying on budget.

CTGlobal’s experts analyze, design, document, implement and validate, based on our best practices and automated processes.

Using Azure services and tools

We teach you how to stay on top of your Azure environment from the very beginning, using all the Azure services to automate and monitor your platform: 

Azure provides a great variety of services and tools to help you stay in control of your Azure resource, and still deliver a flexible and dynamic platform using Azure Policy and Automation, while managing budgets and cost, using Cost Management and Power BI.

A Microsoft Azure Governance project from CTGlobal typically includes:

  • Governance workshops 
  • Collection of data from customer
  • Governance design
  • Governance implementation, validation and testing
  • Project hand-over

A Microsoft Azure Governance project from CTGlobal takes at least 10 days to complete.

What’s next?

Contact us for a project proposal and pricing.

Our local business development managers will work with you to scope your Azure requirements, and draft a customized proposal.

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