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CTGlobal Insight Analytics™

Do you know what and where the Top 10 app crashes are?

Can you trace Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) and identify the cause?

Do you know the security level on clients?

CTGlobal will answer your questions and optimize your business.

Effective visualization and accurate data give you the information you need to analyze your business and make the right decisions. CTGlobal Insight Analytics™ provides instant global business insights.

From an overview to a detailed analysis, CTGlobal Insight Analytics™ brings the data you need to your fingertips. Drilling down to specific areas is easy and accessible.

CTGlobal Insight Analytics™ provides accurate and real time information to support continuous improvement in client management.

CTGlobal Insight Analytics™ collects all relevant information from the Customer Environment and sends it through a secure protocol to our service in Azure. It’s an easy, safe and secure means of synchronizing to the cloud.

“With CTGlobal Insight Analytics™, I transformed my business insights from Zero to Hero in less than 30 minutes”

Michael Welten, Technology Coordinator, Bunge Inc.

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