What if you knew…

You were losing
intellectual property?

WannaCry, Adylkuzz or Petya

can happen in a few minutes

OneDrive Insights

– where does data reside

What if you knew…

You were burning
money by the hour?

Due to hidden costs such as:

Blue Screens
Application Crashes
Computer Startup Time & much more

What if you knew…

Your blindspots?

Your blindspots:
Would you like to know:

If your clients
are not patched?

If your users
and company data
are at risk?

If your users
loose productive

With CTGlobal Insight Analytics™ you already know!

Your clients
are patched

Your users
and company data
are safe

Your users
save productive

What is CTGlobal Insight Analytics™?

Data generating tool

Configuration items to generate data logic


Data gathering tool


Visualization platform

Azure dashboard
50+ custom reports

What do we promise?

CTGlobal Insight Analytics™ will lead to:

How it works

CTGlobal Insight Analytics™ 
collects all relevant information from your environment and sends it through a secure protocol to our service in Azure.
It is an easy, safe and secure means of synchronizing to the cloud.

“With CTGlobal Insight Analytics™, I transformed my business insights from Zero to Hero in less than 30 minutes”

Michael Welten, Technology Coordinator, Bunge Inc.

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