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SCSM Outlook Tasks

The Outlook Console Task for Service Manager lets you utilize all the things you love about communicating through Outlook while still maintaining complete logging of outgoing messages in SCSM. The solution is built on the idea behind the original Send Email community solution, and is a strong upgrade to this. The solution provides three customizable Outlook Console tasks for both Incident and Service Request. It enables you to setup console tasks for more departments and to configure different settings for each task tailored around your business’s specific needs.

Key features:

  • 3 x Incident and 3 x Service Request Outlook console tasks fully customizable via Administration settings.

  • Utilize all the capacities of Outlook to communicate with users.

  • Action log tracking with formatting possibilities to shrink the message to only new content sent

  • Support for SCSM Notification Templates to apply in Outlook message.

  • Support for Template-picker window where users can pick a template from a predefined list of notification templates.

  • Ability to change status on Incident immediately after email has been sent

  • Resolve Incidents directly with Resolution Category and Resolution Description

  • Possibility to include attachments from the work item to the email.

  • Possibility to include Knowledge Articles from the work item to the email.

  • Possibility to relate sent attachments to the work item.

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