Webinar CTGlobal Insight Analytics™

In this webinar, CTGlobal will demonstrate how to empower your business with Insights into your IT operations and tackle the blind spots that you know are there but cannot see! Learn how easily CTGlobal Insight Analytics™ enables you to configure the service to collect and visualize the data providing valuable insights into where your organization might be burning money by the hour and jeopardizing intellectual property.


Security Mobility Webinar

The world is changing rapidly and risks of losing data due to vulnerabilities on mobile devices are getting bigger and bigger. This 60-minute webinar conducted by CTGlobal and our strategic partner Lookout will teach you what to do to protect yourself against threats on mobile devices. Presenters: Peter Daalmans, Microsoft MVP & Managing Consultant at CTGlobal Jeroen Wijdogen, Principal Sales Engineer for Northern Europe and Alliances EMEA at Lookout.


CTGlobal Insight Analytics™ Recording

What if you knew: • That you were burning money by the hour? • That you were losing intellectual property? • Your blind spots? CTGlobal’s visualization and data monitoring tool, CTGlobal Insight Analytics™ can help you not only identify this but transform your effort from being reactive to proactive.


Welcome to Your New Management Service – Windows Admin Center

In this webinar you will learn about Windows Admin Center. Windows Admin Center will be a full replacement for all the old legacy MMC admin tools we have used since Windows Server 2003 like event viewer, task manager, Server Manager and so on. Our friends at Microsoft realized that we needed a new tool to manage our servers and came up with this replacement as the GUI-less management is still a while out. We will cover the changes that has happened since the release in April and till today. You will learn how to use Windows Admin Center in [...]


What’s new in Enterprise Client Management?

60-minute CTGlobal Academy webinar to learn the main Client Management challenges companies are facing today. Presenters: Kent Agerlund, Principal Consultant at CTGlobal, Microsoft MVP & Microsoft Regional Director & Jason Sandys, Principal Consultant & Microsoft MVP.


Azure Stack in Action!

60-minute webinar for a fast paced introduction and demonstration of Azure Stack. After a basic introduction to Azure Stack, demos in action are presented to show scenarios such as Continuous Delivery and Custom Marketplace items. Presenters: Jakob Gottlieb Svendsen, Principal Consultant at CTGlobal and Microsoft MVP & Andreas Sobczyk, Senior Consultant at CTGlobal.